What To Know If You Are A Woman Buying Your First Gun:

Across the United States more and more women are purchasing guns.  Their reasons are as varied as their personal stories, but there is no question that reports of assaults on women are showing up in the news more and more.  Simultaneously, attacks on our gun rights are on the rise.  As attacks on both women and their gun rights are in the spotlight, many women are seeing NOW as their time to get into guns.  

You are probably reading this, because you are considering your first gun purchase (or perhaps looking to buy a new gun).  We are here to help you with the process with a few questions (and answers) that will give.  

Hunting, Target Shooting, Or Self Defense?

While there are many reasons to own firearms, the three most common reasons are Hunting, Target Shooting, and Self Defense.  Many women buy their first guns for self-defense purposes and find themselves enjoying shooting so much that they start doing three gun competitions or step into the world of hunting. 

If you are buying your first gun for self defense, you will want to consider whether or not you will be carrying concealed or keeping it in a case near your bed for home protection.  Concealed carry usually means a smaller handgun and a holster that is designed for both concealment and ready access.  

Home defense guns open up a world of opportunities from larger handguns (since you don't need to conceal them) to shotguns, or even AR-15s.  Your gun choice for hunting will be largely dependent on the type of game you are hunting.  

Regardless, the next big question to consider is...

What Will You Be Comfortable Shooting?

A lot of people make the assumption that women can't comfortably fire larger guns or larger caliber guns.  This is a false assumption.  Don't assume that a gun or caliber is beyond your capabilities simply because you are a woman.  My wife fires .45 caliber (larger) handguns with no trouble at all.  At the same time, she carries a .380 (smaller) because the gun is smaller and easier to conceal.  

Every gun owner (both women and men) should think through gun size and caliber knowing that there is no need to "prove" anything.  There is nothing better than trying out a variety of guns at the range to determine what gun in right for you.  A Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) course is ideal for this purpose.  When you take a CCW class at Lake Erie Arms, we give you the opportunity to test out a few different range guns.  Taking the CCW Class is a great first step on your gun ownership journey, because you learn both safety and defense.  

Is the gun easy to hold?  Does it feel natural in your hand?  A lot of people like Glocks.  Others swear by Smith & Wesson.  I have found my Walther to fit comfortably in my hand.  That comfort level increases my confidence and accuracy.  

Does the recoil influence my accuracy?  I love firing larger caliber weapons, but the recoil tends to decrease my accuracy.  I've opted for a lower caliber handgun for my daily carry, because I want to know that I can bring my weapon back on target quickly in the event that I have to use the weapon in self-defense.  

The point is that it isn't about what you CAN shoot, but rather what shape, size, and caliber is ideal for your purposes.  This is especially important to consider when purchasing a gun for defense.  


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