Groups: $75.00/hour (up to 8 people)

Private Lessons: $35.00/hour (one on one training)

Simulator Training

Range practice is important, but there is nothing like simulator training to teach you to respond fast in crisis scenarios. That’s why we provide state of the art training with our Ti Outdoors Simulator. This is the same system used by law enforcement to train for use of force in emergency situations. We want to give you the chance to practice defense, so that you are ready to respond when the treat is real.

In addition to being great for training, the simulator is a lot of fun! Our simulator has options for both gaming and training. So, it’s great for bachelor parties, guys night out (or even ladies night out)! Bring your group in and have fun!

We offer use of the simulator for one-on-one training or for private use (parties). Sign up for a private lesson or schedule an event with friends! Call now! 419-433-8200