CCW Videos

Are you considering buying a gun for self-defense? Are you thinking about getting your Concealed Carry Permit? Are you looking to learn basic gun safety?

We’ve put together a series of videos designed to help you understand the basics of defensive marksmanship. We have videos on what to expect at a CCW (Concealed Carry) Class, how to go about choosing a gun for defense and/or for concealed carry. We also cover basic gun safety.

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FREE AR-15 Build Videos

The AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America right now, but most people don’t know about all the options for builds and purchases. We have put together a series of videos from experts telling you know all you need to know about parts, options, tools, calibers, and more for your AR-15 Builds! Whether this is your first build or the newest of many, these videos are for you!

Guns for Girls

Don’t let them tell you guns aren’t for ladies! Female gun ownership is on the rise! Women are learning that self-defense is their right and that good training and quality equipment can make the difference between life and death. If you are a woman who wants to learn about guns, this is a great place to start. We talk through the basics of handling a gun, how to choose the right gun for you, and how to get training and certification to carry concealed firearms. The videos are FREE!

First Time with a Gun?

We know that for those who have not grown up around safely used firearms, they can be a little scary. The good news is that they don’t have to be. As with anything, information and experience can help person develop the comfort and respect needed to handle a gun safely. We’ve put together a few videos to help you learn the basics about guns. We talk about how to handle them safely, how to choose the right gun for you, and more.