What Do I Need To Know About Gun Safety?

If you are new to guns, the first thing you need to know about is safety. This video covers the basics of gun safety.

  1. Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction.

  2. Always keep your finger off the trigger until it is time to shoot.

  3. Always keep the gun unloaded until it is time to use it.

  4. Always keep the gun out of the hands of children.

There is no substitute for in-person training. If you want to know how to safely handle a gun, we recommend attending one of our Concealed Carry Classes. It is designed both for people who have never used a gun and for seasoned gun owners.


How Does A Handgun Work?

This animated video shows a cutaway of a semi-automatic handgun. While some people carry revolvers, the majority of gun owners prefer semi-automatic handguns. Knowing how your handgun functions is incredibly helpful for building your confidence and for ensuring you can use it proficiently. This video from 45Snipers is a great way to get to know guns inside and out. If you happen to own a Glock 43, they have another video specifically showing your gun. Additionally, here is a detailed video showing trigger resets for semi-auto handguns.


How To Clean A Gun

A gun is a machine that needs to be cleaned and lubricated to function properly and last. In this video, Mark walks us through how to clean a gun. This gun happens to be a Glock, but the basic process is the same for most semi-automatic handguns. As always, make sure there is NO AMMUNITION in the room where you are cleaning. A large number of firearms accidents happen when cleaning. Taking the extra step to put all your ammunition in another room could save a life. Be safe! By the way a lot of us really enjoy the ritual of cleaning guns. Enjoy!


Top 3 Handguns for New Shooters.

In this video Dan and Greg talk about the top three handguns for female shooters. However, these guns are really ideal for any shooter, especially a new shooter. These guns are the personal favorites of a lot of men, so there is no shame in picking one of these whether you are a man or woman. With that in mind, we recommend attending our CCW class or coming to an event at the store where you can try out several kinds of guns.

You really should visit the store to check out some guns. We also recommend signing up for a CCW class to get off on the right track as a gun owner. In our CCW class, we will teach you gun safety and defense. Videos are helpful, but they are not substitute for real life training. Sign up for our next CCW class, and we will see you at Lake Erie Arms!