Photo by andreafidone/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by andreafidone/iStock / Getty Images

We Are A Class III FFL Dealer

Not everyone knows what a Class III Federal Firearm Licensed Dealer is.  Don't worry if you didn't know what that was.  Essentially, it is the Federal license that allows us to sell Federal Firearms Act (FFA) guns and accessories.  It allows us to sell things that most gun stores can't sell.  Things like....

  • Automatic Weapons ("machine guns")
  • Short Barreled Rifles (SBRs)
  • Short Barreled Shotguns (SBSs)
  • Suppressors
  • Any Other Weapon (AOWs)
  • Destructive Devices (I know, it sounds like fun to us too.)

We provide you with the opportunity to own that firearm that you never thought you could get!