Gun Safety: What Do I Need To Know?

If you’ve never gone through a basic gun safety course (or even if you have), this short video is for you. It covers the basics about how to handle a gun safely before you ever put your hands on one. Check out the video, but remember that there is no substitute for hands-on training. If you really want to have the best safety training possible, sign up for our concealed carry course.


Should I Take A Concealed Carry Class?

If you are a civilian who wants to carry a concealed weapon, you need to take our NRA Certified course. However, even if you don’t plan to carry concealed, this course is ideal for anyone who will ever be around guns. We cover the basics of how to safely handle and clean a gun in addition to covering some of the basics of self defense from both a practical and legal perspective.


Do I Need One-On-One Training?

Dan talks with our lead instructor, Greg Majoy about the purpose of one on one firearm defense training. The truth is that we all need specialized training like this. Greg explains the drills, what it means to increase your response time, and how that might safe your life (or someone else’s life). Watch the video, then call the store to schedule a training session with our expert trainers! 419-433-8200


Top 3 Firearms for Female Shooters.

Dan and Greg talk about the top three firearms for women shooters. Choosing a firearm for self-defense is a decision best made after taking the CCW course when you have had the chance to try some range guns and know a little bit more about how you will carry. However, we’ve taken a moment to discuss a few important things to take into consideration when purchasing your CCW firearm. In the process, we have featured 3 guns that we recommend. While we are featuring guns for female shooters, these are great guns for men as well.


What Should I Consider When Choosing A Gun For CCW?

Dan and Greg talk about how every shooter is different. When choosing a firearm for self-defense, especially one that will be concealed on you, there are some key considerations. How will you carry (appendix, waistband, pocket)? What are you comfortable shooting? How does the gun fit in your hand? What do you shoot accurately. This video helps you make the right decision. Come on down to the store to make the final decision and buy your ideal carry gun!


How Does A Handgun Work?

This animated video shows a cutaway of a semi-automatic handgun. While some people carry revolvers, the majority of gun owners prefer semi-automatic handguns. Knowing how your handgun functions is incredibly helpful for building your confidence and for ensuring you can use it proficiently. This video from 45Snipers is a great way to get to know guns inside and out. If you happen to own a Glock 43, they have another video specifically showing your gun. Additionally, here is a detailed video showing trigger resets for semi-auto handguns.

How To Clean A Gun

A gun is a machine that needs to be cleaned and lubricated to function properly and last. In this video, Mark walks us through how to clean a gun. This gun happens to be a Glock, but the basic process is the same for most semi-automatic handguns. As always, make sure there is NO AMMUNITION in the room where you are cleaning. A large number of firearms accidents happen when cleaning. Taking the extra step to put all your ammunition in another room could save a life. Be safe! By the way a lot of us really enjoy the ritual of cleaning guns. Enjoy!

In our CCW class, we will walk you through gun safety, the basics of gun function, and essentials of marksmanship. Videos are helpful, but here is absolutely no substitute for classroom training. Sign up for our next CCW class, and we will see you at Lake Erie Arms!